Jennifer Manuel

Rainy Day Dreaming By Jennifer ManuelMy artwork focuses on the landscape of British Columbia, specifically those far flung corners where people live in isolation. During my work as a school teacher in the far north of BC and on the northwest coast of Vancouver Island, I became fascinated with the meanings that people assign to their surroundings, the mythologies that arise, the lore that is told and retold. Each piece evokes a strong sense of place while telling stories of loneliness and hope in remote communities. Often these pieces are semi-abstract, parallel equivalents of the world around us in which some small juxtaposition mixes whimsy with a subtle darkness.

Primarily I work in acrylics, woodcuts, and digital media. Most often, my acrylic paintings are created as a grisaille. A grisaille, with its emphasis on tones and values, gives a strong sense of space while showing the subtle transitions between light and shadow—a central element of the sense of mystery I perceive in these landscapes. The range of greys and browns (in the case of my brunaille paintings) evokes a feeling of timelessness and nostalgia; I want people who view my art to perceive something wistfully familiar yet strange.

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