Let There Be Light! – 2012 Art Mural Bids and Reserves

To Bid by email:
State the title of the work, what you’re prepared to pay for it, and your contact information.


 Big Snail & Eyes Inside The Big Snail “Eyes Inside Eyes” 40″x59″ Laird Campbell & Cohen Ayers $500.00
 Untitled By Melanie Circle Untitled 36″x48″ Melanie Circle No Reserve
 Raven Play By Joanne Circle Raven Play 18″x24″ Joanne Circle No Reserve
Steelheading on the Babine By Glenn Farenholtz Steelheading on the Babine 27″x39.5″ Glenn Farenholtz No Reserve
Lavender Horse By Emma Woodland Lavender Horse 35.5″x56.5″ Emma Woodland No Reserve
Untitled By Sophia Palmer Untitled 39″x43″ Sophia Palmer No Reserve
Camp Creina By Dana Wood Camp Creina 20″x30″ Dana Wood No Reserve
t-15a - Valley West Valley West 39.5″x48″ Lynelle Renee Scales $500/$1000.00(Set)
 t-15b - Valley Central Valley Central 39.5″x48″ Lynelle Renee Scales $500/$1000.00(Set)
t-15c - Valley East Valley East 39.5″x48″ Lynelle Renee Scales $500/$1000.00(Set)
Count Only Happy Hours By Sue Wells Count Only Happy Hours 36″x48″ Sue Wells No Reserve
Untitled By Tina Lewis Untitled 56″x12″ Tina Lewis No Reserve
Untitled By Virginia Lockhart Untitled 18″x24″ Virginia Lockhart No Reserve
HUB By Jacob Hokanson HUB 35.5″x56.5″ Jacob Hokanson $1000.00
St. Andrew's Anglican Church By Jen Slofstra-Tinsley St. Andrew’s Anglican Church 35.5″x56.5″ Jen Slofstra-Tinsley $750.00
Crane By Gord Iversen Crane 20″x20″ Gord Iversen $75.00
Cable By Gord Iversen Cable 20″x20″ Gord Iversen $75.00
Train By Gord Iversen Train 20″x20″ Gord Iversen $75.00
Tractor By Gord Iversen Tractor 20″x20″ Gord Iversen $75.00
Kelp Reef Playtime By Leanne Hodges Kelp Reef Playtime 4’x8′ Leanne Hodges No Reserve
Rainy Day Dreaming By Jennifer Manuel Rainy Day Dreaming 39″x43″ Jennifer Manuel No Reserve
Barnyard By Oliver Price Barnyard 12″x36″ Oliver Price No Reserve
Generations By Isolde Verbrugge Generations 35.5″x56.5″ Isolde Verbrugge No Reserve

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