Let There Be Light! – 2012 Art Mural Artists by Name

Cohen Ayers

Cohen Ayers (working with Laird Campbell)   In a visit with Laird Campbell, Cohen took to doodling an adventuresome and complex piece involving dinosaurs and snails – two of his favourite subjects.  With Laird’s help that doodle evolved into a collaboration between the … Continue reading

Dana Wood

My landscape paintings are inspired by Canada’s West Coast. I see beauty within the intricacies of water and earth and am attracted to the ways that colour, light and motion interact. My work seeks to capture the physical and emotional … Continue reading

Emma Woodland

The Art of Emma Woodland My art is inspired by my childhood growing up on a farm in Cobble Hill, with horses, nature, fantasy stories, and my dreams. My art takes many different forms, including realism, fantasy, and impressionism. One … Continue reading

Glenn Farenholtz

While living in northwestern B.C., Glenn fell in love with the tributary rivers of the Skeena.  The painting of a fisherman on the Babine River in a Cowichan sweater (oil on wood) is based on a photograph captured by the late Myron Kozak, a nature photographer … Continue reading

Gord Iversen

Photography has been a passion of mine for 35 years. I love to work with alternative processes and formats. I have recently rediscovered the Polaroid instant film currently made by The Impossible Project for old Polaroid cameras. These are enlarged … Continue reading

Isolde Verbrugge

I enjoy creating and presenting in a variety of media. Doing this allows me to be super-focused, energized and challenged in my creative process. The need to become one with what inspires me to create is strong. “Making it mine,” … Continue reading

Jacob Hokanson

“Jacob Hokanson’s dynamic work involves bold acrylics on vast canvases. His imagery is archetypal, at times hallucinatory and draws from the collective history of tribal spirit-work. Hokanson trained briefly at the Alberta College of Art & Design and Grande Prairie … Continue reading

Jen Slofstra-Tinsley

Jen Slofstra-Tinsley has been creating paintings and drawings of all sizes for many years.  She has a B.A. in Art/Secondary Education and has taught art in schools in the United States, Ukraine, and Canada. Initially Jen started a mural painting … Continue reading

Jennifer Manuel

My artwork focuses on the landscape of British Columbia, specifically those far flung corners where people live in isolation. During my work as a school teacher in the far north of BC and on the northwest coast of Vancouver Island, … Continue reading

Joanne Circle

Fiber Artist Joanne Circle caretakes the ancient textile craft of felt. Honouring this tradition of felt and in-spired with the natural world of the Cowichan Valley, Joanne has used felt to process her experience and sculpt form with fiber for … Continue reading

Laird Campbell

Laird was born in Scotland. He arrived in Canada to work in Exhibition and Display in Montreal during Expo ’67.  He moved to the westcoast of Canada in the 70’s and since then has made art in many forms, concentrating, for the last 20 years, … Continue reading

Leanne Hodges

West Coast Wild Biography: Leanne is primarily a self-taught artist with an academic background and technical training acquired in a variety of visual art programs in the US and Canada. For more than twenty years, she pursued an art practice … Continue reading

Melanie Circle

Melanie loves the process of making art. Her paintings range from intricate, meditative mandalas to loose, expressive landscapes and colourful abstracts. She likes to pass on the joy of creating and the use of painting as a path of mindfulness. … Continue reading

Oliver Price

Oliver Price is 6. He lives on a small rural property near the HUB with sheep and chickens, and apparently an imaginary pig. This painting was inspired when neighbours gifted their old lawn tractor to his Daddy to help him … Continue reading

Sophia Palmer

Sophia Palmer attended Cowichan Station Elementary School as a child, and is now a graduate of the UBC School of Social Work.

Sue Wells

I enjoy a challenge! Large scale public art is a gift to community, has unique place in social web. I like colour and will combine my love of bright happy images with a message that inspires viewers to feel enlivened … Continue reading

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