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Our community library is housed on site (outdoors) at the HUB and is always open for community use! Scroll down to get answers to commonly asked questions and see our donating guidelines.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the HUB Library?

The HUB Library is a place that offers a way for everybody in our community to share good books to read – favourite books for children, books to inspire young readers and intrigue young adults, and books that you would recommend to your friends.  It is a place for books that can entertain us, teach us, guide us, comfort us. All of us can help by keeping our collection well supplied with good reading material.

Whose library is it?

The HUB Library belongs to the whole community – people who come regularly to The HUB and people who are visiting for the first time. Anyone can use it.

Who looks after the HUB Library?

We are lucky to have book fairies! These are volunteer stewards who look after the library collection, keeping the shelves organized – loosely – and sorting through and putting out books that are donated or returned.  All of us can help to care for our library by respecting the donation guidelines and by keeping the shelves tidy.

How does the HUB Library work?

If you see something you’d like to read, take it. You don’t have to give a book to take one. You can keep it for as long as you’d like. When you are ready, you can bring it back here, or you can pass it on to a friend. You can of course bring some of your own books for others to read.  Leave your books in the reshelving section and we will put them out into their subject areas.

How many books can I donate at a time? (This part is really important!!)
  • If you have lots of books that you want to pass along, please give us a call before bringing them over – we don’t have a lot of space!
  • Before you pack up your books, please look at the donation guidelines here and don’t include the “no thank you” items that are listed.
  • The condition of the book matters. Keep in mind that some of your books, particularly the ones that are older and showing their age, may not be of interest to anyone who is browsing through the library. Ask yourself: are you donating a book that someone is likely to want, or are you really just passing the responsibility of disposing it on to someone else?
  • Disposing of unwanted books is not easy, and it is not free. You can help us to keep The HUB Library as a vibrant collection for readers of all ages by taking on that work of disposal yourself. We hope that these guidelines will make that task easier.

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