Terms and Conditions

CLICK HERE to read the Terms and Conditions of the Rental Agreement PLEASE NOTE THE COVID 19 PROTOCOLS. Maximum room capacity: Gym 115 Heritage & Coop 20. A $5 COVID 19 Cleaning Fee applies to each room booking once per day.

Online Booking Instructions

  • At the end of this page select the type of group/organization that is making the rental
  • Select the Rental Room you are interested in
    • If you wish to rent multiple rooms you will need to complete each booking independently. The current system only allows for booking one room at a time (we are working to improve this!). In order to save time in filling out forms, you may want to sign up for an account (an option at the end of the booking process). If you sign up for an account the system will save your intake forms for use in subsequent bookings.
  • Select the number of hours you want to rent the space for


    • There is a 2-hour minimum rental charge applied to all rentals.
    • Off Peak: The exception to this rule is Mon-Fri if your rental takes place between 11am-3pm. One hour rentals prices are accepted during these hours.
  • Select the date you are interested in
    • From there you will see all the available start times that we have for that date.
    • Monthly/Weekly Rentals: If you are looking to have weekly/monthly classes, please discuss with the Rental Administrator (by emailing rentals@cowichanhub.ca) first to ensure that there are no scheduling conflicts. If approved by the Rental Administrator go ahead and follow the prompts for reoccurring rentals.
  • Fill out forms and pay (optional) for your rental
    • Once you have selected the appropriate date and time for the selected rental room follow the prompts to fill out rental forms and upload any insurance documents etc.
    • At the end of the booking, you can pay for your rental or select to pay later.


Next Steps: Payment + Deposit, Insurance, Permits and Orientation

Once you have made your booking you will need to do the following:

  • Pay for your rental (if you haven’t done so already)
    • You can pay in full online at the end of the booking process. If you choose to pay later you will need to ensure you pay in full at least 2 weeks prior to your rental. The payment options are:
      • Online: Pay at the end of the online rental process
      • Cheque: You can mail your cheque to CSAA 2375 Koksilah Rd, Cowichan Station, BC V9L 6M5
      • Cash: Contact the Rental Administrator (by emailing rentals@cowichanhub.ca) and arrange a time to drop off cash for payment for your rental.
  • Pay your deposit (if you haven’t done so already)
    • Deposits are required for all rentals: $100 for the Gym/Cafe, $50 for the Annex and $30 for the Rec Room. Payment Options are:
      • Cheque: The ideal way to pay the deposit is by cheque. This way we can hold the deposit on file and void/destroy the cheque if no additional charges have been incurred following your rental. You can pay the damage deposit when we meet to complete the site orientation (see below). If you want the void cheque returned to you please provide a stamped, addressed envelope (otherwise we will simply void and destroyed the cheque if no charges are incurred).
      • Cash: Is also an option, payable during the site orientation. Please provide a stamped, addressed envelope for deposit return.
      • Deposits cannot be paid online at this time.
  • Provide your insurance
    • Most rentals require you to have insurance with a minimum of $2 million in coverage, naming Cowichan Station Area Association (CSAA) as an Additional Insured.   The insurance requirement is only waived for rentals for sit-down meetings where no physical exercise will take place.
    • Please provide a Certificate of Insurance at least 48 hours before your event.
    • Insurance must be in place prior to your rental.
    • Where to get insurance:
      • You can check with your current insurance provider or any other insurance broker.
      • Also, consider eventpolicy.ca which provides online insurance and has had good rates for events that do not involve alcohol.
  • Pay a cleaning fee (if rental is 5 hours or more)
    • All renters are expected to clean up after themselves and leave the rental room in the same or better condition as when they arrived. If you are booking 5 hours or more (or have high use) a 2-hour cleaning fee is applied.  In this situation, you are still expected to clean the space and the cleaner will come to do the finishing touches.
    • How to pay your cleaning fee:
      • By cheque: You can mail your cheque to CSAA (2375 Koksilah Rd, Cowichan Station, BC V9L 6M5) or pay during your site orientation.
      • Cash: You can pay during your site orientation.
      • Deposits cannot be paid online at this time.
  • Arrange to have a site orientation
    • After making the booking, you should contact rentals@cowichanhub.ca to arrange a site orientation. Ideally, the orientation would take place about one week before your rental.
  • Need Help
    • Need help making your booking, email rentals@cowichanhub.ca and request a callback. Please provide as many details as possible, including, proposed rental dates/times, rental rooms interested in, what you are planning and a daytime phone number.

Ready to Book?

Due to COVID 19 all bookings must go through The HUB office.

The office is open Monday to Friday 1:30-4pm 250.746.1794 or email rentals@cowichanhub.ca 

We apologize for any inconvenience.