Committees (a.k.a. Buckets)


Cowichan Station Area Association volunteers used a committee structure from 2012-2014 (see below), but found it inefficient. We now use a more organic team structure with about a dozen leaders identified for specific tasks and others standing by to help when called upon. To help us visualize everything, we invented the “buckets” system. We write down every job that needs doing and assign it to a bucket, along with the leaders and volunteers who help with those tasks. (Just don’t call it a committee!.)



There are 5 buckets, as well as the Kokisilah Working Group:

  • Community (e.g. Events, Programs, Communications, Volunteer Coordination, Fundraising)
  • HUB Operations (e.g. Maintenance, Repairs, Cleanliness, Rentals, Grounds-keeping)
  • HUB Renos (Design and Engineering, Contractor Supervision, Capital Fundraising)
  • Board of Directors (e.g. Strategic Planning, HR, Policies, Financial Accountability)
  • Barry Bucket! (Our E.D. has his own bucket, which we are gradually filling to the brim.)

Koksilah Working Group – This Working Group’s mission is to work with the CSAA Board, local citizens, and other stakeholders to ensure healthy and sustainable land and water management in the Cowichan Station area and the larger Koksilah River watershed.

Jump in anytime! Please contact Barry at and he will connect you to someone to help you get involved.








Original Committees

(We are still doing this work, just differently.)

Community Engagement Committee – The CSAA is all about building community connections and relationships.  The Committees is focused on opening channels of communication and participation with the wider Cowichan Station community.  It is responsible for planning and organizing community events, HUB programming and rentals, working with volunteers, and communications.

HUB Facilities Committee – In 2007 School District 79 closed Cowichan Station School.  Since then the school has stood empty but in July 2011 the CSAA signed a 40 year lease to turn the school site into a vibrant multipurpose community centre –The Hub at Cowichan Station– a place for the community to gather, learn and enjoy arts, culture and recreation activities.  This Committee is planning and overseeing the design, construction and landscaping work required to renovate and refurbish the buildings and site.

HUB Fundraising Committee – This Committee is working to develop a community culture of giving and giving back and an engaged and sustaining donor base so that the CSAA has the necessary funds, materials and professional services to make The HUB at Cowichan Station a reality. For more information call Jill @ 250-748-4713.

The HUB Coordinating Committee – The HUB project is a huge undertaking. A coordinating committee was established to facilitate cross committee work and communication as well as to be responsible for general administrative duties.  This Committee includes the chairs of the three other committees.

Links to Committee Terms of Reference: