The Cowichan Station Area Association






The Cowichan Station Area Association (CSAA) is a charitable organization formed in 2008 as the result of community concern about the closure of our small rural school and a collective desire to work together to better care for those things that make Cowichan Station a wonderful place to live and work.

The CSAA exists to bring neighbours together to promote the livability and sustain the natural environment and historic and cultural values of the Cowichan Station area.  We do this by:

  • Providing and maintaining the HUB – a place for the community to gather and pursue arts, culture and recreational activities;
  • Facilitating communication and information sharing;
  • Providing a forum for discussing issues, concerns, and ideas;
  • Developing a common vision and setting goals;
  • Sharing the interests of the Cowichan Station area for local planning processes and to elected officials, government staff and others;
  • Raising funds and leading specific projects to achieve our goals; and
  • Building community wellness.


  • Faith – we have faith in our energy and grassroots capacity to make a difference.
  • Respect – we respect and gain understanding from one another.
  • Integrity – we value honesty, commitment and follow through.
  • Efficiency – we are focused and strive for simplicity and clarity in what we do.
  • Inclusiveness – we are inclusive and collaborative and support openness and transparency.
  • Non Partisan – we focus on the greater interest of the community and respect orderly democratic process.
  • Advocacy – we actively advocate for the common good of our community.
  • Sustainability – we understand and embrace a model of environmental, economic, social and cultural sustainability.

Charitable Number: 807706155RR0001