As a community-run non-profit organization, our successes are driven by the support and generosity of our community, our local businesses, and philanthropic granting organizations. We are grateful for all contributions, including cash donations, professional services, material goods, and volunteerism.

Here are some of the ways we thank and recognize our supporters:

  • Individuals and organizations that contribute more than $500 in cash, in-kind donations, or volunteerism will be named (unless anonymity is requested) in a permanent art-wall installation within the HUB after major renovations are completed.
  • Individual donations exceeding $5000 will be recognized in consultation with the donor and CSAA (e.g. a tree or landscaping feature).
  • Business sponsors and granting organizations that contribute more than $3,000 will be recognized on an outdoor road-side sponsor recognition wall for approximately 2 years, during renovations. Higher value sponsors may also be recognized in other ways befitting the donation (e.g. a plaque, press release, public announcement at events, etc.)
  • Local businesses that give the highest in-kind or volunteer support in any given season will be recognized with an image of their business card in our local Cowichan Station “Hub’Bub” newsletter.
  • Any organization described above will also be recognized on our website (this feature is coming soon).
  • Stories and images showing the results of your support may also be posted on our Facebook page.
  • As a charity we can provide a charitable tax receipt for any cash donation, or for the fair market value of any material good donated. Please note that the CRA has determined that services and volunteerism are not eligible for charitable receipts. However we can provide a regular business receipt that you may be able to use to write off your community contribution as a marketing cost (check with your accountant).