27 June – 15 August – each Wednesday evening from 6pm – 9pm

The cost of the 8-week course is $300.00 + Materials ($50.00 which includes all wood, fasteners, glue required). The basic course will focus on hand tools, stock preparation, measuring, marking, accuracy, cutting, planing, simple joinery techniques, properties of wood, wood grain, types of fasteners. These skills will be the building blocks for your future endeavours. Even if you are acquainted with some power tool use getting back to the basics of proper preparation will improve your future projects.

The project will be a Tool Box/Garden Tote and if time permits a second project can be started, we can certainly discuss it. This project will develop your skills and give you something that will be quite useful around the home.

For more information click here or contact Gerry Humeny Ph: 1-250-710-4378 E mailLadies Woodworking Class 27 June – 15 Aug: cowichancommunityworkshop@gmail.com