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barry and Nico

Announcing our new Executive Director!

Cowichan Station Area Association is pleased to introduce our first permanent employee, Barry O’Riordan, Executive Director.

The job of an E.D. is to take the vision, goals and strategic plan of the community and make it a reality (within reason!).

Barry has great energy and a positive engaging attitude, and he brings experience in non-profit administration, volunteer coordination, project management, event planning and support, environmental initiatives, and more.

CSAA will continue to be powered by volunteers though – don’t think you can slack off! Barry is just one part-time person and keeping The Association and all the HUB renovations and events on track would be about 3 full time jobs and Barry will help us step up to the task.

Please give Barry, Nico and their daughter a warm welcome in the New Year.


The Hub Café is back – 11:30-2:30 every Friday


Clay Studio Now Open  visit – www.theclayhubcollective.weebly.com


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