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The Cowichan Station Area Association (CSAA) is a grassroots community organization working to bring neighbours together to promote the historic and cultural values of the Cowichan Station area, with a mission to promote livability of the community and sustainability of the surrounding natural environment.

Since 2011 the CSAA has been working on a major project to transform our historic former school building into “The HUB at Cowichan Station,” a vibrant community centre serving the needs of the community.

The HUB has been a large accomplishment for an entirely volunteer-run organization and we are proud that it is more than halfway complete. We are now seeking to hire a staff person to help run the CSAA and oversee the HUB project.

Job description

The CSAA is seeking an engaging and resourceful individual to help support the implementation of our developing community vision. The successful candidate will have the following duties and responsibilities:

  • Leadership
  • Operational planning and management
  • HUB facility management
  • Financial planning and management
  • Volunteer coordination
  • Community engagement and communications
  • Risk Management
  • Human Resources planning and management

Preference will be given to the candidate who: 

  •  has minimum 5 years experience in non-profit management and/or community development and/or managing a community facility.
  • is willing to commit to the position for at least 1 year (with a 3 month pilot).
  • can demonstrate the following:
    • Exceptional ability to work with people of all ages and backgrounds individually and in teams
    • Understanding of non-profit and charity governance
    • Experience working with volunteer Boards
    • Proficiency with financial management including budgeting and reporting
    • A commitment to continuous improvement and best practice
    • Strong organizational skills
    • A high degree of self-motivation
    • Creativity and an ability to problem solve
    • Flexibility to adapt to varying workloads and scheduling requirements
    • Proficiency with communications and accounting software, (e.g. Simply Accounting, Excel, Member Database, WordPress)
    • Excellent oral and written communications skills
    • Familiarity and enthusiasm for working with the community and volunteers.

Working Conditions and Compensation

The successful candidate will work an average of 20 hours per week with a salary commensurate with experience. The candidate may work part-time from home, however a portion of every week will be required on site as needed to support and monitor HUB operations. Ideally the candidate will reside within 15 minutes of The HUB to be available for meetings or trouble-shooting.

Please send your cover letter and resume by September 11th to info@cowichanstation.org


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